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Website Design and Management

Kharissa Parker has been designing and managing websites since 2013. Kharissa is known for creating beautiful, original websites that are easy for your users to navigate while also aligning with SEO standards. Some of her work includes:


L. Love the Therapist


Left Brains

How it Works

1. The Legal Stuff

Shoot Kharissa an email to schedule a date and time for a consultation. During that time, you'll learn about the agreement, payment options, and other logistics.

2. Get to Work

Once the paperwork and initial deposits are squared away, Kharissa will help you discover the vision for your website and start designing. 

3. Launch Mode

After the design and revisions are complete, Kharissa will launch your website and make sure it's search engine ready to rock and roll.

Schedule a Consultation

Shoot Kharissa an email at to get started.

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