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New Moon in Aries

As the first of the 12 zodiac signs and right on the heels of spring, Aries marks the beginning of an astrological new year. Aries season is when you'll finally feel like you're able to tackle the goals you thought you were ready to go after in the dead of winter on January 1st. Aries is all about confidence, independence, and getting shit started in the best possible way. Coupled with the new moon, however, it's not off to the races just yet.

The new moon doesn't want us to take action right away. It asks us to reflect on what was and get clear on what we want to achieve. With the new moon in Aries, you may be able to find more courage to be direct and actually speak on what you truly desire. Use that energy to write out a list of what you'd like to manifest not only this season, but for the entire astrological year.

How the New Moon in Aries Personally Affects You

Fill in the blank based on your rising sign. This question serves as your guiding thought for the new moon in Aries and all of Aries season.

In what ways can I put myself first or be more bold and ambitious when it comes to __________?

  • Aries: my identity and who I am as a person

  • Taurus: my dreams, secrets, and fears

  • Gemini: how I show up and what I need from my friend groups, clubs, and organizations that I'm part of

  • Cancer: my career, how I contribute to society, and my higher purpose in life

  • Leo: my philosophy on life, spirituality, and traveling

  • Virgo: my sex life, how I respond to change, and my spending habits (including debts and bills)

  • Libra: how I show up in my one-on-one committed relationships or business partnerships

  • Scorpio: my daily routine and what I need to be healthy and thrive

  • Sagittarius: how I experience pleasure and enjoy life

  • Capricorn: my home life growing up, my relationship with my parents, and how those things shape my home life now

  • Aquarius: being curious or my communication style and how I speak, listen, and think about things

  • Pisces: my income, self-worth, and how I feel about myself

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