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Full Moon in Libra

Libra is the social butterfly of the zodiac. Known for being charming and likable, one of the reasons why Libra is so popular is because of its knack for understanding all sides and bringing people together. The gift of balance and harmony doesn't start and stop with people. When it comes to décor, money, and every other aspect of life, these traits shine through. Libra is all about beauty, luxury, and telling the honest truth.

Anytime there's a full moon, it's in the opposite sign of the new moon. In this case, Libra is the opposite of Aries. While Aries is about self and individuality, Libra focuses on relationships and the collective. In addition, a full moon gives us the opportunity to celebrate big and small victories based on what we've achieved so far since the new moon. It also gives us permission to let go of whatever strategies aren't working as well as self-sabotaging habits in relation to our new moon intentions.

How the Full Moon in Libra Personally Affects You

Fill in the blank based on your rising sign. This question serves as your guiding thought for the full moon in Libra. Then, pair this question with how you're personally affected by the new moon in Aries to discover how this full moon serves you during Aries season.

How have I achieved balance, beauty, and harmony in _______? In what ways does this serve my intentions for the new moon in Aries?

  • Aries: my one-on-one committed relationships or business partnerships

  • Taurus: my daily routine and what I need to be healthy and thrive

  • Gemini: how I experience pleasure and enjoy life

  • Cancer: my home life growing up, my relationship with my parents, and how those things shape my home life now

  • Leo: being curious or my communication style and how I speak, listen, and think about things

  • Virgo: my income, self-worth, and how I feel about myself

  • Libra: my identity and who I am as a person

  • Scorpio: my dreams, secrets, and fears

  • Sagittarius: how I show up and what I need from my friend groups, clubs, and organizations that I'm part of

  • Capricorn: my career, how I contribute to society, and my higher purpose in life

  • Aquarius: my philosophy on life, spirituality, and traveling

  • Pisces: my philosophy on life, spirituality, and traveling

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